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You can not play mp3 in the car after u install disk boot disk creation tools?How to do?



  The U disk technology.

  1. First, boot U disk into your computer''s USB port.


  2, and then find the "Computer" icon on your desktop, right-click to open.


  3, after opening the computer''s disk, find your U disk drive in a removable storage device.


  4, right click to format the U disk, the pop-up list of options, click on the "Format".


  5, followed by pop-up interface, check the "Quick Format" option, click Start.


  6, wait for the reading of the complete, a pop-up "Format complete" message, click OK, to which formatting is complete.


  Extended Information

  U disk Common Faults

  1, virus damage.

  2, the physical bad block occurs.

  3, accidentally deleted, formatted.

  4, says "Please insert a disk into drive".

  5, the memory card into the card reader to the computer can only recognize.

  6, a memory card into the computer, suggesting that "unrecognized equipment".

  7, the computer can recognize, but when prompted to open the "Disk not formatted, whether or not formatted".

  What you use 2113?

  Generally there are so few can be 5261, you see,

  Virus 1, 4102 a check poisoning;

  2, U is the expansion disk, storage capacity to some 1653 files can become corrupted;

  3, making a boot disk, U disk space left there was bad blocks, bad block is written to the file, also can damage the.

  4, after the exclusion of the above problems, it shows that the problem of making a boot disk method

  If you are using a cabbage like boot disk creation software, and you are not using UD way to make a boot disk, then your U disk sector has been the software installer to turn over, not a normal partition table of this particular form of partition is not supported by this type of device to read a lot of mp3 visible partition data files correctly.So car mp3 can not correctly identify the disk sector data, you can not read the visible partition mp3 file.

  UD boot disk to do with the way does not affect the storage of other files, if you do boot disk is visible to the startup file, that file is not too convenient storage, boot files are also vulnerable, so the best way to make a boot disk with a UD start files are hidden partition on the disk, in the WINDOWS can not be deleted unless you delete the software with FbinstTool.Your U disk problems arise, if the virus is not a problem, it is likely to be U disk appeared bad block reasons.We recommend killing viruses, corrupted files lost if the problem persists, consider low-level formatting repair.

  If that does not work, it is better to abandon the software, return the space to restore the original U disk sector data.We can continue to use on mp3.

  If you want to do with the U disk boot disk, you can choose to make PE boot disk visible in the form of a document, the so-called U +.Is the production of U disk boot disk can be used UltraISO tool.Just visible all PE files and boot files, production methods can own Baidu, do not go into details here.Direct download winPE system in accordance with the instructions put into the U disk is also possible

  USB boot disk to restore it

  Mainly the production of U disk boot disk most likely you formatted NTFS format, this car is not recognized, to re-formatted as FAT32 format to recognize

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