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You can not empty the Recycle Bin how to do



  ~ 2113 rpm

  Step 1, scan the disk.Emptied the Recycle Bin is most likely due to 52,614,102 records and real-bit 1653 gave birth to the deviation, so we need to scan the disk, and fix these errors, especially mobile hard disk deleted files, we should promptly empty the Recycle Bin (U disk such cases generally does not appear).

  We suggest that you use cmd command chkdsk command.The specific method is:

  Start - Run -cmd, click OK, enter

  chkdsk d: / f

  This command scan and repair disk partitions d (we called d disk),

  After you have finished entering commands, enter, see the operation renderings (sometimes ask us to "forcibly remove you change the volume?(Y / N) ", we enter the" y ")

  And so on all the disks are scanning one side:

  chkdsk e: / f

  chkdsk f: / f

  chkdsk g: / f

  chkdsk h: / f

  chkdsk i: / f


  Note that these commands only a one to lose and perform, not once entered, can not be executed as.

  I have a friend who may have found no chkdsk c: / f, if you delete files stored in the C drive, you can also execute this command, but, for those who often non-normal shutdown friends, you may experience computer after executing this command the situation can not start, so I suggest that you caution.(If you want to ask me questions arise how likely, I can only say that their experience will be 2% --5%)

  Step 2, try to empty, if still not cleared, restore the Recycle Bin files (recycle bin right attributes have this project), and then removed again, and empty.

  There are some cases, even after repair still can not restore the original state of the file is correct, we can let it restore, and then to the original storage location of the file, delete them one by one, if you can not delete a folder, you can delete the folder file, and then delete the folder, and finally do not forget to empty the Recycle Bin to the desktop.(If this process carefully friends you may find that you actually have once again restored files are not comprehensive, but the earliest you want to delete some files, it is this other files and folders appear in the disk recording error caused the Recycle Bin is not empty.)

  Last Tips:

  1, if you delete a file mobile hard drives and other devices must be promptly emptied the Recycle Bin can not avoid having problems emptied;

  2, like the use of ghost friends to do the backup system, backup before the best to do a chkdsk of disk scanning, and be sure to empty the recycle bin before running the ghost program, or it may suffer irreversible errors and trouble, and even backup gho files can not be used, depriving you re-use CD-ROM to install the system.For new installations and comprehensive format scanning machines do chkdsk, simply empty the trash bin, but for the hard disk has been used for a long time, we must remember the above tips, specific reasons without further ado.

  Hey format Data Recovery Master is a powerful, simple interface, simple data recovery software.Support to recover accidentally deleted hard drive files, mistakenly formatted disk, accidentally deleted U disk / memory card data, accidentally empty the Recycle Bin hard disk file after file, as well as a hard disk partition disappeared.

  Because you delete a target file system disk, can not be deleted

  Redo system

  Powerful deleted!If you boot up there is probably bad then the file is a system file!Can not delete

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