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You can identify U disk, but does not show how to do _ Baidu know



  1, the control panel, the computer''s performance and maintenance], click [management tools, click [Computer Management].

  2. Click on [Disk Management], found a "stealth" u disk, but did not show the letter.

  3, in this "invisible" u disk right click and select [New Partition], select the [extended partition], click [Next], then click [Finish].

  4, again on the right-click invisible u disk, [New] logical drive, click Next to continue Next to keep the default settings, click [Next].Assign the following drive letter to keep the default, click [Next].

  5, in order to save a file intact on the u disk, click [Do not format this partition], [Next], click [Finish].

  6, then you can see u disk disk color turned green, re-enter the "My Computer" to see the U disk icon.

  Mouse "My Computer" right


  "Settings", as shown below:

  Will pop up a window into the set, we find and mouse "Disk Management" to see u disk, just not assign a drive letter, as follows:

  Confirm computer system has recognized the disc 2 u Method:

  Start Menu




  And then in the input box "diskmgmt.After the msc "Press Enter key, as shown below:

  We can manually assign it a drive letter "h", can "My Computer," the letter of the disk u still did not see the next show.We enter in the address bar "h: \", suggesting that no "file: // h: / file".

  U disk, but you can identify how the display is not

  Have you encountered when using U disk: U disk inserted in the computer has recognized the U disk, but in the "My Computer", but can not see its letter?!

  This problem, largely because: there is no system to allocate disk U disk symbol.Benpian come and share in this case, how to solve WIN7 U disk is not recognized by the computer to display the letter:

  Method / Step

  Right-click the "My Computer" >> "Management", enter the "Computer Management Interface".

  >> "Disk Management" in the "Computer Management Interface", you can see the U disk is recognized, but no disk disk symbol.Here we add a disk to disk symbol U disk.

  In the interface, right-click the U disk item >> select "Change Drive Letter and Paths".

  Click the "Add" button, enter the next step.

  Select "Assign the following drive letter", and then in the drop-down box on the right, select the drive disk number, then click on the "OK" button.

  Finally, re-open "My Computer", this still holds partly concealed U disk drive appeared it


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