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You can identify U disk, but does not show how to do it



  U disk does not recognize how bad do?U disk is my work, study and life in common information tools, because large capacity, small, portable and cheap and very popular, so U disk can also become our important information carrier of information.However, U-disk performance degradation due to the use for a long time or the user misuse and other reasons, sometimes data is lost or accidentally deleted phenomenon.Then how do we recover our lost data it?This time we must remember not to read and write, to prevent data from being overwritten permanently lost, and the first time the use of specialist software to retrieve, the greater the likelihood of data loss because of the shorter time to recover.

  This time the general himself through computer systems and rescue operation is almost no need to rely on a professional data recovery software.Hi to format data recovery master, for example, the use of specialist software to retrieve the data, follow these steps:

  The first step, log Hey format data recovery master official website, download and install the software, follow the steps;

  The second step, the U disk into the USB port, the software can automatically identify U disk, this time select "U disk / memory card recovery" function in the "scene mode", their U-disk data scan.The length of time the scan size is determined by the amount of information, at the same time, the scanning process to ensure a stable connection U disk, in order to complete the scan data information, complete recovery;

  The third step, after the scan is complete, find the data you want to restore scan results can be checked click Restore.If too much information, you can also find the information they want to restore the data by adjusting Sort.Note that when restoring files, and restore the original file storage path is not the same, this is done to prevent the loss of original data from being overwritten or some other error.

  U disk is about more than bad repair method describes the identification of.U disk data recovery how to lose, remember the key point is that we must stop immediately read and write, to prevent data from being overwritten or lost, then seek professional help software, Hi-format data as mentioned in Recovery Master is an expert data recovery software, supports empty the Recycle Bin file recovery, U disk, memory cards and other storage devices data recovery, supports many features quick scan, deep scan, etc..For users not familiar with computer operation, hey format Data Recovery Master also provides a more convenient "wizard mode" to retrieve, but also a free trial scan function Oh, go and try it!

  You can identify U disk but do show less

  Have you ever had the use of U disk: U disk inserted in the computer has recognized the U disk, but in the "My Computer", but can not see its letter?!

  This problem, largely because: there is no system to allocate disk U disk symbol.Benpian come and share in this case, how to solve WIN7 U disk is not recognized by the computer to display the letter:

  Method / Step

  Right-click the "My Computer" >> "Management", enter the "Computer Management Interface".

  >> "Disk Management" in the "Computer Management Interface", you can see the U disk is recognized, but no disk disk symbol.Here we add a disk to disk symbol U disk.

  In the interface, right-click the U disk item >> select "Change Drive Letter and Paths".

  Click the "Add" button, enter the next step.

  Select "Assign the following drive letter", and then in the drop-down box on the right, select the drive disk number, then click on the "OK" button.

  Finally, re-open "My Computer", this still holds partly concealed U disk drive appeared it :)

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