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You can delete win7 Bahrain RECOVERY?



  Recycle 2113recycle bin it. If I understood you correctly, the recovery is here that the system partition used 5261 4102? For example, if a joint system, new electrical brain win7 1653 Bahrain have Q disk lenovo_recovery. This is the operating system installation partition. If deleted, reinstall the system function gone.

  RECOVERY is the system Recycle Bin, you delete the system will re-establish a.Just empty the trash on it. Typically in this system can not be deleted recycle bin, because it is part of the system.If, for disinfection, you can delete into the PE.

  File, and that you re-format the hard disk will be there, not on the 3G space for you, do not ignore it, the system easy to use on the line.

  of course can

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