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You can burn hard disk repair?



  Brain can be seen in addition to the hard disk 2113 after opening the housing 5261, is mainly composed of points, see FIG 4102:


  1-speed motor and a rotating metal disc

  2, the head suspension of

  3, behind the circuit board

  Burn hard disk, it refers to the instantaneous voltage or current is too large to burn some chips.However, a hard disk constituting the point of view, only the circuit board only chips, capacitors, resistors and other devices may not be destroyed, the most impact to the head, while discs usually carefree.And all the data stored on the disc.

  Thus, this case, the data can be saved is generally.

  There are traces of the hard shell has been charred, it must be a problem with the circuit board.So, you can find relevant data recovery companies, looking for a put on the same circuit board, and then the data on the hard disk back to.

  As long as the disc lossless, professional data recovery company can do.

  The current fees, such as the difficulty is not too large restoration work, about 1T data, 1000 dollars.

  What is hard to see what zero and the.

  SSD memory chips burned, it is impossible to repair the stored data is gone.

  Mechanical hard disk, the circuit board can also replace a less the same model hard drive circuit board.And important data stored on disk can have a chance to salvage what.

  can.However, to spend money.

  Burning chips generally burn, do not burn discs.Data on the disc.

  Send data recovery company can be restored.But not cheap.

  1.If you have important data, be sure to reply to a data recovery center

  2.Hard burned, sub-circuit board burned, this simple type of data recovery.

  But no matter what kind of bad, must be professional data recovery

  If your data in the hard disk is more important, I suggest you to specialize in the repair shop to repair.They will give you recommendations, if important data can change a.Now a hard disk prices are less than 500.

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