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xp USB device not recognized by the computer system how to do?



  The so-called "can not" to the operating system, there is a degree of drive, or USB device zhidao there is a problem with the computer''s USB device is connected to a fault

  If your machine is the windows98 system, then go online next USB driver.Because windows98 system does not support hot-plug version, XP comes with the right to drive without the required USB drive version High.A few days ago my friend from the Internet I bought a 64G U disk, the results do not support the XP system does not recognize, download and install a special patch on it.

  We live usb interface device 2113 over Africa, as we 5261 common USB mouse, usb keyboard, usb, 4102usbU disk, etc. but using usb device 1653 will be accompanied by a variety of problems, such as the common usb not recognized the usb devices to access the computer, the computer does not recognize the usb device, or prompt the "unrecognized usb device," today focus on these two common usb does not recognize failure, editor in conjunction with their theory and practical experience is not recognized or introduce usb the solution is not working properly.

  First, look at the solution given by 360:

  The reaction without any U disk into the USB port, it can be seen that the device in the device manager

  Computer, USB (u disk)

  Method / Step

  [My computer] - Right [Management] - [Device Manager] - [Universal Serial Bus controllers] - [USB Mass Storage Device] - [Uninstall] right - re-inserted disk [U].

  On the desktop select My Computer], right click and choose [Management].(As)

  The USB device can not start.(Error code 10)

  Click [Device Manager] - [Universal Serial Bus controllers] - [Choose a Hardware yellow exclamation point], select the right uninstall.(As)

  The USB device can not start.(Error code 10)

  Let then open the [Control Panel] - [Add Hardware] - [Next], it will be automatically installed, if not please find the name of your hardware uninstall.


  Limited xp system and win7, vista system.

  Computer failures solution we usually is the first hardware and other software after elimination, exclusion commonly used in computer troubleshooting, problem solving also start with simple to complex to go step by step investigation.Here we introduce usb mainly in computer peripheral products to introduce, such as usb mouse, keyboard, speakers, etc..

  usb does not recognize us mainly the following ideas, firstly if you are new to on a computer, when there is usb not recognized, we need to do is to analyze the problem is clear in the end product usb device or computer lines or driving problem and whether there is a problem.When the usb device has been used before, can not use now, then drive problems can be simply ruled out.

  I have a computer recently appeared usb unrecognized fault, buy a new usb mouse with less than two months, suddenly in the computer should not put yesterday, a shining lights mouse, desktop and right feet there Tip: "unrecognized usb device", as shown below:

  Unrecognized usb device

  Unrecognized usb device

  After examination revealed no usb device interface problem, and in my computer --- properties - driver in Device Manager found no problem, then edit usb mouse will get another computer in use, found that the problem remains the same, thereby the problem is substantially determines usb device itself, since the mouse is not used long, the possibility of bad generally not large, could observe the mouse cable mouse cord has found that the intermediate portion is a small wear, and the inside of the copper wire after all exposed, and after a while I will masticate the cut, then re-connect the line to solve the problem.

  In fact, usb device does not recognize the solution is simple, is that in the end is around the usb device or computer problems, we only need to use a process of elimination you can determine the simple, gradually narrow the scope of the problem, like the problem solved more.

  The following are some of the conditions to ensure that the USB device can operate normally: (1) USB device does not have any problems - can be tested on other computers, guaranteed to work; (2) USB Interface without any problems - can be connected other USB devices on the interface test; driver (. 3) the USB device has been installed correctly, if a detailed specification of the USB device, must carefully view the documentation, the instructions to install the appropriate drivers; current operating system sufficient to identify most of the USB devices, if a driver problem, it is recommended that you use the wizard to detect and install drivers.Wizard-driven method we can use under the reference: how to load graphics driver? Or how to install the sound card driver? Which have relatively similar presentation.

  As can be used on another computer, that is, if it is not available due to a computer problem usb does not recognize on their computers, then what we need to detect computer settings, such as:

  1.Front USB cable connected correctly.When the front USB port on the USB line corresponding to the motherboard and to the positive and negative phase counter-chassis of such failure occurs, it is quite dangerous because the positive and negative reversal is likely to be destroyed so that the USB device.So far as possible the enclosure of the USB interface with a less extension line.Fracture may also be a problem, another USB port facie.

  2.Lack of USB interface voltage.When the mobile hard disk connected to the front USB port is likely to occur not recognize the fault of the equipment.The reason is that mobile hard disk power is relatively large voltage requirements are relatively strict, pre-interface may not provide enough voltage, of course, poor power supply may also cause this problem.The solution is not a mobile hard disk connected to the front USB port, replace the power inferior low power or use an external power supply of the disk cartridge, if able to do so.

  3.System motherboard and compatibility issues.Oh such failures in the most famous is the NF2 motherboard and USB compatibility issues.If you encounter this problem is in the NF2 motherboard, then you can install the latest nForce2 dedicated USB2.0 drivers and patches, the latest motherboard patches and operating system patches, or does not work, then try to refresh the motherboard BIOS can usually be resolved.

  4.Or system BIOS issues.When you disable the USB in the BIOS or operating system will occur USB device is not recognized in the system.The solution is to open the options associated with the USB device.It is to start by F2 or DEL key to enter the BIOS, to enable usb device select enable.

  5.Plug to be careful, do not pull out when reading and writing, or may be burned chip.XP, the taskbar icon extra USB devices, open the U disk icon will appear in the list, select the device to disable, and then you unplug the device, that would be more secure.

  System error "Unrecognized USB Device"

  Symptom: Computer unexpected power when using U disk, U disk after reboot does not work properly, plug the system error "Unrecognized USB Device".The original use of other USB devices can be used normally, will prompt the same error message.Other USB devices plugged into the USB port of a computer, can work.

  Fault: The face of it, USB devices and motherboard interfaces are not damaged, suspected to be accidental power failure, the system is set incorrectly.

  Problem: From the window "Control Panel" into the adding and removing hardware will all USB devices are deleted, re-install the USB device driver needs to use.Restart the computer, U disk and other USB devices plugged into the original failed interface to work properly.Unrecognized USB device - laptop and mobile hard disk failure, inserted in the front USB port can not be recognized.

  This case, a large reason is the supply problem.Since USB hard at work also need to consume a certain amount of energy, if directly through the USB interface to take power, is likely to be insufficient supply.Thus, almost all of the mobile hard disk come with a separate external power transfer interface through a keyboard or the PS2 to take power, long time in advance, or by an external power supply connected PS2 keyboard connected to the adapter cable, ensure that a mobile hard disk provides sufficient try again after power, then it should be properly used.Need to remind everyone that, to ensure that all previously recommended the use of mobile hard disk has enough power, or is likely to result in hard disk damage due to insufficient power supply.

  For never used USB external device of friends, but also even if the drivers are installed properly possibilities the system can not detect USB hard drives appear, mainly due to the motherboard default CMOS port is closed, if it is not set to open state, then naturally we can not detect Windows mobile hard drive.To solve this problem, we can re-boot into the CMOS settings window, and in the "PNP / PCI CONFIGURATION" column in the "Assign IRQ For USB" one set to "Enable", so that the system can be used to assign a USB port the interrupt address.

  There may be a USB interface type does not match the result in the mobile hard disk unusable.For example, configuration of your computer USB port is 1.1 standard, and the purchase of mobile hard disk is USB 2.0 standard interface, which requires a computer and a mobile hard disk connected to the cable must support USB 2.0 Standard.Because the high-speed mobile device into a low-speed hub, the device may not be installed properly, and some friends while using USB mobile hard disk also be used, in order to facilitate the direct use of the supplied USB USB 1.A standard cable, thus leading USB 2.0 standard mobile hard drive is not recognized correctly.As long as the cable replaced USB 2.0 standard can solve this failure.

  Try to play it up, chances are able to solve

  USB interface voltage is less likely

  Or you try many times,..Probably is not inserted firmly

  Download Address 1:

  http: // / infile / note / note_6.htm?

  http: // /?usb.rar_67e1bshs5bt1bshsp0cp0bs0c0cr2bip0bkto0bt7bu14z97f14z

  Download 2:

  http: // / index1.html

  There are two patches do not know have no effect on you, do you add the XP?

  It is extracted from the system, you can rest assured download.It has a virus, the extract to any directory after the installation of two INF files, connect the USB device, see if it is normal again.(XP

  The SP2 validated)

  USB Interface inadequate.When the mobile hard disk connected to the front USB port faulty system recognizes the device can occur.Solution mobile hard disk is not connected to the front USB port, replace the power inferior low power or use an external power supply of the hard disk box.

  First, turn on the computer desktop icon.Open the top choice "Open Control" panel.


  Find management tools.Click to open.


  Then there will be the management tool in the toolbar.Double click the "service" option.


  On the right to find Removable Storage.Then click with the mouse will appear on the left to start a service option.Click on it to start.


  The reason is that some compatibility problems, because now, with the USB3.0 appear, many interfaces will use 3.0, so the mobile hard disk unplug the cable, into the back of the computer''s USB port.


  1, the case if you put the mouse''s reaction appeared to pull down the mouse and plug it into another USB port, just plug in the system may not recognize, so, in which case you''d better restart it, and then general boot problems will be solved.


  2, if it was jack, and also the restart, but the mouse still does not respond, then you have to think about now is not the mouse driver has been damaged.If your system is XP then you can put existing driver uninstall, and then plug in the mouse, the system will automatically recognize the new hardware, it will re-install the new drive.First, open the computer properties.

  3, the operation we need you here first with a ps2 mouse interface to operate.The operation is complete before they can plug in a USB mouse.In the Computer Properties page, open the top left of the device manager, because all the computer hardware will all be shown here, the drive hardware information is clearly displayed.


  4, after entering the Device Manager, find the mouse option, open, double-click your mouse options, open the Mouse Properties page, here are your existing mouse driver information.


  5, in the Mouse Properties page, detailed information about the driver, and at the bottom is a button to uninstall, uninstall the driver of this is the button with a mouse click on the Uninstall button to uninstall the current mouse driver.


  6, put your mouse ps2 interface pull down, re-plug your USB mouse, and then plug the system in general will begin to install the driver automatically.If not, then just open the Mouse Properties page, click on the Update Driver button to update the look drivers.If the drive is usually the reason, then, by this method will be solved.


  7. If this does not solve the problem using the above reasons, it is likely that you have a recent large hardware changes, such as changing a Comment for a cpu, etc., due to incompatibility between the hardware was a result of these problems, you should reinstall the system , so that these achieve maximum hardware compatibility.


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