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XP system does not recognize U disk



  Follows step troubleshooting.

  1, no problem of security on the USB interface on the U disk, there is no buzz heard at the speaker sound.What if a sound was heard, the computer did not recognize a USB device is plugged, it may be bad U disk.

  2, if there is sound, indicating that can detect the USB device, the problem may not lead to the identification system.Operation can be as follows:

  1) Right-point computer, properties, Device Manager, Disk Manager.

  2) If a yellow exclamation mark devices, right-click on it to uninstall it.

  3) If there is marked down arrow black disk, it is to be disabled, right-click it to start.Then refresh or restart the computer, generally found.

  4) If the device manager no problem, and that is not automatically assign a drive letter.Right Computer (or My Computer), management, disk management. To find the change disk partition, right-click on it and choose "Change Drive Letter and Paths" and then choose "Add", you can assign a drive letter.

  If not possible, that is, U disk is broken, damaged or system-related functions.To try to judge someone else''s computer.

  1. Move the mouse to "calculation icon, right-click it and select" ".

  2, in the "computer" property page, select the left of the "Do not set up management options.

  3, in the "Device Manager" page, click open the "Universal Serial Bus controllers" settings, click "USB Root Hub" of the object, select the "Disable" option.

  4, disable the "USB Root Hub" objects, right-click it again and select "Enable" option.

  This would solve the problem of the system does not recognize u disk

  Specific reference:

  http: // / cjwt / 2466.html

  Your desktop computer is right?Yes you put U disk to the host of the back USB.See if you can use.

  It is powered USB 2113, USB drive under the Universal Serial 5261 line hardware detection Device Manager 4102 bus is in normal operation, 1653BIOS to search whether there is prohibited under the USB option.And I would like to ask you a few computer USB port, whether it is a problem.Please ask me if you can.

  If U is inserted after the opening of the enclosure can not be recognized, and then the U disk suppose you okay.

  Then you computer motherboard on a problem

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