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xp system can recognize u disk, but not how to do a u disk boot?



  Need to confirm the following information:

  Board is provided: a Legacy (traditional BIOS) or state UEFI?Secure Boot (Safe Boot) whether the option is turned on?

  U disk system supports UEFI boot or Legacy (traditional BIOS) boot?

  Step follows a step troubleshooting.

  1, no problem in the USB port, plug in the U disk, listen to what the speaker has no sound bite sound.What if a sound was heard, the computer did not recognize a USB device is plugged, it may be bad U disk.

  2, if there is sound, indicating that can detect the USB device, the problem may not lead to the identification system.Operation can be as follows:

  1) Right-point computer, properties, Device Manager, Disk Manager.

  2) If a yellow exclamation mark devices, right-click on it to uninstall it.

  3) If there is marked down arrow black disk, it is to be disabled, right-click it to start.Then refresh or restart the computer, generally found.

  4) If the device manager no problem, and that is not automatically assign a drive letter.Right Computer (or My Computer), management, disk management. To find the change disk partition, right-click on it and choose "Change Drive Letter and Paths" and then choose "Add", you can assign a drive letter.

  If not possible, that is, U disk is broken, damaged or system-related functions.To try to judge someone else''s computer

  BIOS, set the startup items when you can not find the U disk?

  cmos which need to set up

  Clear the BIOS.

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