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win7 system press Shift + Delete how to recover deleted files _ Baidu know



  The first method 2113: 5261 recovery back to be re-: After deleting ordinary files are deleted, the first between 4102 is likely to go back to 1653 to close the station, it is recommended to find the file to the Recycle Bin, right-click "Restore" button.The second method: to restore through the registry: Usually there is a case that the file is deleted directly without the Recycle Bin, the situation can be restored through the registry.

  After determining - "Run, type start" regedit "1, operation.

  According to find this path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHIME / SOFTWARE / microsoft / WINDOWS / CURRENTVERSION / EXPLORER / DESKTOP / NemeSpace

  3, and in the left margin click on the "New" "Select" item "and then its name changed to" 645FFO40-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E ",

  4, then the "default" key primary key set to "Recycle Bin" on the right, and then exit the document before the restart the computer to see.

  Note: there are more than two ways a prerequisite requirement, there must be no traces of cleaning up litter or cleaning the computer case before resuming.

  The third method: Download the file recovery software to recover, such as the "hard disk data recovery program", etc..

  Restore pieces

  1, the first to enter the 360 security guards, and then click More

  2, in the search box, enter "360 security guards and then restore the file will automatically install the" File Recovery "plug-ins

  3, after loading Open, and then to restore the disk where the file or directly enter the file or folder name, then click "Start Scan"

  4, check the files you want to restore, click "Restore the selected files" Note: Recover files when the main choice in another dish, otherwise there is no way to recover.

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