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win7 system notebook computer can not identify a particular disk U



  First, 2113 (no longer in front of you should select 5261 after 11 select 2, 4102 is the emergence of concrete behind this figure

  1653 to strike next step appears below the map, click on the install now enter the next step of the installation boot screen wait a few moments

  Appears next chart: I accept the license terms check mark in front, click Next

  This screen appears: Select Custom ., the next step on their own

  The next screen appears: Select the installation path interface diagram, we must note that in this select your primary partition, and then click the format below, and then click Next (you are a new hard drive, then you can choose to create a new partition, not in this do discuss)

  Appears next chart: this easily fill, finished click Next

  Figure appears next: the key is not that you can not fill, directly next step

  The following figure appears: This is the time to fill in the zone, the default can be

  The following figure appears: Then start the installation system interface, a little long time, patience

  After completion of the installation of FIG:

  Wait a moment, you will be prompted to restart your computer to complete the installation, pay special attention to this when u unplug your disk, or repeated installed behind you wait after the restart to complete the system because it is completely installed ------ you are the original installation, the wood has any drive, you need to go to the official website to download the network card driver installation, networking, and then download the driver wizard, download updated drivers drive their own life and the like, but also scouring the internet to activate the tool, after the expiry of activation , a lot of online tools.(Pictures are found online, thank you provide pictures of the process is probably the case).

  Prompt you, you this is a method original win7 installation, not install ghost system method (usually you go to are ghost system under the system of home and other sites, to the original words to me, I''ll give you the address), do not wrong, installation ghost, then you just put your downloaded copy to the system u disk inside the gho folder can be, when to go to the beginning of the interface to select 1 or 2 into the pe installed on the line, this is not so trouble is automatic , pay attention to unplug the restart when u disk.

  Second, there are several ways to install the system, you say not so hard, multi choice, the more, and some people do not drive you can choose to install a hard disk, u disk installation ah; some old motherboard does not support u disk installation, it does not have to use other methods?And problem-solving on the same,

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