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win7 system mistakenly deleted the Network Neighborhood how to do?



  Neighborhood "is called in win7 in 5261" on the previous XP in 2113 ".If 4102 marked the disappearance of this map on your desktop then you can refer to the following add 1653 plus:

  Right-click on the blank space on the desktop and select "personalized";

  Then click "Change desktop" from the top left corner of the window;

  In the dialog box, select "Network" checkbox under "Desktop icon", "OK" either;

  me too


  At that time I was getting mad malicious shortcut

  Delete the registry together into chaos

  The results of the Network Neighborhood deleted

  Brought back

  Gone it does not matter, win7 system online neighbors are not much of a role, you right-click on the desktop in the lower right corner of the network connection - Select "Open Network and Sharing Center" is the same.Or the lower-left corner to open the "Start" below the Computer Network Neighborhood, there can be sent right to your desktop shortcut

  It is an icon?

  Right click the desktop Properties "Desktop" Customize Desktop "Network Neighborhood to play in front of a hook on it

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