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Win7 system is not completely empty the Recycle Bin how to do



  win7 can not be completely emptied the Recycle Bin way:

  1, the beginning point of the menu, cmd in the search box, then right-click cmd search out the program, run as the picture shows:


  2, the input at a command prompt input chkdsk d: / f disc may lose a few times, each carriage must be losers, and then enter the the picture shows:


  3, after a carriage return may be prompted to want to force uninstall the volume, Y point on it, for the C drive, it can also be used to make the same fate, but the repair will restart the scan the next time.

  Solutions can not empty the Recycle Bin win7 is such friends, I hope useful to you.Source: U disk system

  First, you can directly open the Recycle Bin Cheng, enter inside and then execute "Clear back" exercise because of the explorer errors can cause this problem:

  In fact, you can try pressing ctrl + shift + esc key to open the "Task Manager", switch to the "process", and then right-click the "explorer", select "End Process Tree":

  Then re-click on "File" and select "New Task", enter "explorer", click "OK", and then look at whether emptied the Recycle Bin:

  If at this time you have to move the insertion device, it is recommended to exit and then empty the Recycle Bin;

  If not, the simplest way is to restart the computer;

  If that does not succeed, you can reset it to the Recycle Bin size.Right-click the "Recycle Bin" and select "Properties":

  In the "Recycle Bin Properties" dialog box, each partition is set to "Do not move files to the Recycle Bin ,,,", click "OK":

  And then re-setting the size of the back can.

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