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win7 system installed, but does not recognize pe u disk how to do



  1 carrier system boot file is not complete, resulting in u disk can be identified.

  2, making a U-disk boot disk compatibility is poor, resulting in less recognition system boot files.

  We recommend re-create a boot disk U disk, reload steps:

  first step

  We will make a good old peach installed version to start u disk into the computer usb interface (if it is a desktop, the main chassis recommended inserted in the rear interface), and then turn on the computer, wait until after the startup screen appears on the screen shortcut keys to enter the old peach main menu page, then move the cursor to "[02] running the old moto Win8PE anti-blue version (new computer)", and press Enter.

  The second step

  After entering the pe system, double-click the left mouse button to open the old peach PE installed on the desktop tool.After opening the tool main window, click the image file path behind the "Browse" button.

  third step

  Then locate and select the u disk boot win7 system disk iso image file, click "Open".

  the fourth step

  After successfully adding the image file, simply select the C drive as the system disk partition in the list and click "OK".

  the fifth step

  Then pop up a query box that prompts the user to install the system is about to begin.After confirming the partition and restore the image file is correct, click "OK".

  Step Six

  After the completion of the operation, the program begins to release mirror file system, system installation ghost win7.Just wait operation is complete and automatically restart the computer.

  Step Seven

  Restart the computer, you can enter the ghost win7 desktop system.

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