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win7 system how to retrieve deleted things



  Right-click the "computer" in a single opening, selected properties ", select the left Dashboard" System Protection ", choose to create a restore point disk drive (e.g., C drive) provided in the protective bar, press the" select a suitable configuration the restore settings, disk space and press apply, OK to exit.Tip: If a non-system disk select "Only restore previous versions of files" button.

  Press the "Create", enter the name in the box to create a restore point, you can create time, may also be other their favorite content, after the completion of press created restore point is successfully established.

  Such as the F-test folder picture "123", and cleared the recycle bin.

  Find the F-test folder, right click and select "Restore previous versions", open the "previous versions" tab, select the appropriate restore point (if there are multiple words), press the "Restore" in the pop-up window, click restore OK.OK!123 pictures have been deleted successfully restored.


  If you want to restore more than one file, after selecting the appropriate restore point "Previous Versions" tab, click "Open", then select the desired file, right-click "Copy", and then in the target location "Paste" to.

  Tip: Set up the system after protection, you have to constantly update a restore point in the future when the reduction will not be disappointed oh

  , Windows7 operating system can easily retrieve accidentally deleted files.

  1.Open System Protection

  Must first open Windows7 "System Protection" feature, move the pointer to click on the desktop "computer" icon, right-click the shortcut menu, select "Properties", playing the system "window, the window on the left navigation bar "system protection" pop-up "system properties" window, select a disk partition to be protected, click "configure

  "In the new pop-up window, select" Only restore previous versions of files ", and set the amount of disk space to use, click" OK "button to return to the" System Properties "window, then click the" Create "button to bring up the" Create Restore Point "small window, enter a description of the restore point, click" create ", Windows7 open the" system protection "feature and create a restore point.

  2.Open System Protection, Create a restore point

  Deleted Files

  After opening Windows7 "System Protection" feature, create a restore point, if you accidentally deleted a file using the computer process, you can easily retrieve.Move the mouse pointer to the accidentally deleted file folder, right-click the shortcut menu, select "Properties" pop-up "Properties" window, switch to the "previous versions" tab, you can see the erroneous delete the previous folder, select the folder, click "open" button, you can open the folder to find accidentally deleted files, click "copy" button, you can copy the folder to any location on your local disk, click " also

  Original "button, you can restore folders, recover accidentally deleted files.

  3.Easily retrieve accidentally deleted files

  Open Windows7 "System Protection" function, without the aid of any third-party data recovery software can quickly recover accidentally deleted files, no longer careless accidentally deleted important files and distress.

  I hope you can help.

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