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Win7 system how to retrieve deleted files on your computer''s recycle bin



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  Methods as below:

  1. Click Start, Search to run the program: regedit


  2 pop-up tab to find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, click.


  3, SOFTWARE find in the folder, click.


  4, according to the above method in order to open the folder: Microsoft - Windows - CurrentVersion - Explorer - DeskTop - NameSpace.


  5, right-click the right side of the space, the new - entry, a new entry.


  6, the new entry Rename: {645FFO40--5081--101B - 9F08--00AA002F954E} .Copy paste can, as shown below.


  7, click on the new item, right-right side of the default, select Modify.


  8, modify the default data to the Recycle Bin, click OK.Restart the computer


  In fact, multi-method can be used to restore the registry, to protect the integrity good, if the registry trouble, you can also go directly to the Internet to download software to retrieve the following steps:

  First, download and install a powerful data recovery software.

  2.Open recovery software, we can see the powerful data recovery software There are six modes is wrong because we empty the Recycle Bin, want to restore deleted files, so you can choose Empty Recycle Bin error mode.

  3.Powerful data recovery software will enter the system after emptying the Recycle Bin by mistake scanning mode, scanning mistakenly emptied recycle bin files, scan will take some time, the more empty the Recycle Bin contents, the longer the scan time.

  4.After scanning, the scan results will be displayed on the left in the list of software, check to see the need to restore mistakenly emptied recycle bin contents, after checking the file will appear in the box, and then click the lower right corner of the confirmation of the "Next" to.

  5.Choose a path for recovered files, should be noted that if the file does not exist C drive recovery, we do not fit the files will be restored back to the C drive, you can click Browse to select one of the other storage system disk error recovery Empty Recycle Bin files.

  After storing the path selection is completed Click Next to immediately restore accidentally emptied recycle bin files.

  Once you delete the recycle bin, it means cleared directly from the computer.If important, you can use computer data recovery tool to recover or find a professional company to retrieve data.

  Go directly to the trash to find, locate reduction on the line

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