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Win7 system how to restore deleted Recycle Bin icon



  / Delete the Recycle Bin icon

  Restore hidden Recycle Bin: Right-single standard system desktop space, you can choose a recovery "→" Change desktop icons "in the Desktop Icon Settings window, check the" Recycle Bin "," affirmative ".

  Recover deleted Recycle Bin: pay attention if the system administrator to use Group Policy to hide the "Recycle Bin" on the desktop (or "All Icons"), this process may not help.Edit the registry so that the "Recycle Bin" icon to re-appear on the desktop:

  Operation of the registry, expand to HKEY_LOCAL_MacHINE-SOFTWARE-Microsoft-Windows

  -CurrentVersion-Explorer-Desktop-NameSpace, then a new "entry" input, and press Enter.

  The new "click founded" item in the right pane, right-click "(default)" entry.In the "Edit String" dialog box, type "RecycleBin" in the Value data box, and finally click "OK" to exit the registry, you will find deleted "Recycle Bin" icon on the desktop back to the.

  Right-click on the desktop "Properties" - "Change desktop icons", check the Recycle Bin on it.

  We tried many methods, including the "Group Policy", the registry did not dare move, and finally with 360 security guards in the computer solved the clinic

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