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win7 system how to recover files emptied the Recycle Bin





  Methods such as

  1, click on the lower left-color flag 5261 2113 Desktop search program run: regedit


  2, in the 4102 election card to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, hit 1653 points.


  3, find the drop-down SOFTWARE folder, click.


  4, according to the above method in order to open the folder: Microsoft - Windows - CurrentVersion - Explorer - DeskTop - NameSpace.


  5, right-click the right side of the space, the new - entry, a new entry.


  6, the new entry Rename: {645FFO40--5081--101B - 9F08--00AA002F954E} .Copy paste can, as shown below.


  7, click on the new item, right-right side of the default, select Modify.


  8, modify the default data to the Recycle Bin, click OK.Restart the computer.


  How to recover deleted files from the recycle it?We look

  Click the icon to the bottom left side electrical, the following screen, enter "Win word, search

  Search for "" after the program (shown below), click on the program in the input box to run the program "regedit" and click OK to enter the registry, find the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE", please lower figure indicates basis, click on the red box, triangle button on the front of the file folder shown by the arrow in the expanded folder, locate the "SOFTWARE" click on the red box, the triangle button on the front of the file indicated by the arrow folder, then click "Microsoft" in the expanded folder " Windows "" CurrentVersion "" Explorer "button on the front triangle of the" DeskTop "folder click on the red box" NameSpace "folder on the right a" default "and a blank area on the right, right click, the new" entry "after clicking New item , the following interface, the name of the emerging items (displayed in the red box) rename "{645FFO40--5081--101B - 9F08--00AA002F954E}" ------------ Please note, we should brace also click into the new item, such as the default display appears on the right, right-click on the "default" after the word, click Edit, click Edit the following interface appears, the following interface, make an entry in the value name , the "default {}" to "{} trash" click OK

  Restart the computer, open the Recycle Bin, the Recycle Bin is not found just emptied the contents have been recovered

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