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Win7 system how to modify the program font



  Hello to your question has been answered zero questions to be put in the new issue will be deducted from the question no one answered a list of questions and expired Reward points will also be confiscated!So let me give you a few suggestions:

  First, you can choose the correct category continues to ask questions, ask questions of your finer, clearer!Even attach captions, so that makes it easier to understand what it meant to read!So people who know the answers to some of your questions will be more and more people will answer some.

  Second, you can relate to your problem to professional website forum go look, there gathered a lot of professionals, online forums, and a lot of professional knowledge platform, above, there are a lot of information, I met professional issues always seek to address the forum Measures.You will be able to solve the problem for you.

  Third, you can ask friends to inquire about your online friends, they will be more sincere and enthusiastic to find an answer for you, or even directly to the relevant site search.

  Here to recommend some maintenance computer:

  Look at the computer''s "system resources" is the number, right-click "My Computer" and select "Properties", then select "Properties", look at the "system resources" is the number, the general should reach almost 95% also.

  1, the better things on the computer desktop, my desktop only "My Computer" and "Recycle Bin".Many things occupy system resources.Although convenient on the desktop, but it is at the cost of system resources and sacrifice speed.The solution is, the desktop shortcuts are deleted, because in the "Start" menu and the "Program" column has.The other files are not shortcuts are moved to D drive or E drive, not on the C drive.And some program files C drive only put WINDOWS installation must be installed on the C drive, the other all not on the C drive, on the D drive or E drive.

  2. Right-click the "My Computer" and select "Properties", then select "Properties", click the left "File System", a "primary purpose (T) this computer" option, the drop-down arrow, will " desktop "to" web server ", then OK.Then select the right "virtual memory", select "specify my own virtual memory settings (M)", and then you change the maximum and minimum values are multiplied by 2 computer memory, for example, 128 megabytes of memory, is set to "256", then OK, ignore the prompt that appears, after determining the need to restart.

  3, open "My Computer", open the C drive, there are a Windows folder, open it and find a "Temp Folder", delete all the files inside, (requires prior close other applications).In the "Temp Folder" next to a "Temporary Internet Files folder" to open, delete all the contents inside.Must pay attention to ah, "Temp folder" and "Temporary Internet Files folder" do not be deleted, delete the folder is inside everything.Remember!!!This operation is best carried out once a month.

  4, the bottom line of what the computer screen, leaving only the icon real-time monitoring anti-virus software and the most left of the "Start", delete all the other, because accounting system resources, and there are a lot of things do not have to.That is used in the "Start" menu are all there.You can add shortcuts to the most commonly used software in the Start menu, add the secondary common in the Programs menu.

  5, the desktop wallpaper and screen savers are set to "None".

  6, select the lower left corner of the "Start" - "Programs" - "Accessories" - "System Tools" - "Maintenance Wizard", select "Modify my maintenance settings or schedule," OK, then select "Custom" the next step, "custom", then the next step, a dialog box appears "more quickly start Windows", the check mark inside the abolition of all ah, this is the start of the boot program, some do not, and if the restart soon.Then the next step, select "No" then the next step, then select "No", then the next step, or "No", then "Finish".OK!

  7, select the lower left corner of the "Start" - "Programs" - "Accessories" - "System Tools" - "ScanDisk", select the above "Automatically fix errors" and then "Start", soon repair finished, put all your hard disk C, D, E, F are repaired again, and then "close" to exit.

  8, select the lower left corner of the "Start" - "Programs" - "Accessories" - "System Tools" - "Disk Defragmenter" drop-down menu, select "all hard" then OK, and then you wait with it, you can go take a break, huh.If you''ve never had to run the program, then, and your hard drive is large, it may have more than one hour of time (if that long time, you can stop several times can also be run later).This program should be run after a month or so once a second run after a short time more.

  After this maintenance, your computer is not recovered when the speed just bought?Even faster, and Oh!Then right-click "My Computer" and select "Properties", then select "Properties" to see

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