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Win7 system how to empty the Recycle Bin to recover accidentally deleted files have been not how to do



  A, win7 clear Bin does not actually remove the file data

  Windows is really just called to delete the first letter of the name of the piece into a special character, and then the file occupies clusters marked as free state, but the data contained in the file is still on the disk, the next time will save new data to disk when these clusters may be using the new data to overwrite the original data.Therefore, they do not save the new data is "deleted" file data remains physically intact saved on disk.

  Second, the recovery method (using software DiskGenius)

  1, below, Baidu search "DiskGenius", click on "normal download", download a good installation package, double-click the installation package installer:


  2, below, after installation, open the software DiskGenius, right-click the partition you want to recover files are located in the pop-up menu, click on "file has been deleted or formatted recovery" and wait for the software to scan, Saowan , check the file, and then click OK to restore the file:


  NOTE: After the mistakes empty file, try not too much to operate a computer, data recovery immediately, to avoid damage to the new data is written to cover accidental deletion of data.File recovery very messy, suggested a separate provision of a folder or partition, finishing classification restore the resulting file.

  The first step: Click "Clear error receiving station" mode, this mode can recover lost files emptied the Recycle Bin.

  Step two: wait for the scan.

  Step 3: Select the missing file is located, and then click Next.

  Note After the file is missing, the file name will be automatically change the name.If you do not need to scan to a file, use the "universal restoration" mode and then scan times.

  You can determine the following ways whether it is the data you need.

  1. Photos and documents to support the preview, click Scan to File View.

  2. The time data to create a modified Analyzing.

  3. Depending on the type of file to find, such as your resume is the word on the choice of the type of document, and then click Find.

  Step 4: Select a disk required to store recovered files, and then click Next.

  Note: If you lose a file in which partition, restore your data to another partition, so as to avoid data coverage.

  Step 5: Wait a moment to complete recovery.

  If you have difficulty operating area, you can refer to the above steps, there is no new data is written in and clean up after the storage device as long as you empty the Recycle Bin, are all intact retrieve accidentally deleted files

  Hey format Data Recovery Master is a powerful, simple interface, simple data recovery software.Support to recover accidentally deleted hard drive files, mistakenly formatted disk, accidentally deleted U disk / memory card data, accidentally empty the Recycle Bin hard disk file after file, as well as a hard disk partition disappeared.

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