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Win7 system how to clean up excess process



  To turn off all startup items, (running >> msconfig) (hook) ctfmon, and anti-virus software.

  To empty the Recycle Bin, the system should clear the IE temporary fittings and records, delete its own purposes patch file.

  Third, we must set up a firewall on my computer right point properties.System Restore Point.(Hook) Close System Restore on all drives.Turn off Automatic Updates, open the System Advanced Properties dialog box, click "Startup and Recovery" area of the "Settings" button in the "System Properties" dialog "Advanced" tab, then open the "Startup and restore "dialog box, uncheck" automatically restart ".

  Hello you can try the following

  1, disk cleaning, garbage removal system files.

  2, ---- --- type msconfig to run the Enable-ri are not uncheck (such as msn QQ Thunder eDonkey virtual CD-ROM, etc.).

  3, killing viruses and malware.Close to real-time monitoring to keep the virus database update antivirus on it regularly.

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