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win7 system files by pressing Shift + Delete how to restore the deleted



  1, Internet search "diskgenius green" and download.


  2 the downloaded compressed pressure, and wherein the open DiskGenius.EXE.


  3, User Account Control pop hit "Yes".


  4. Select the file you want to restore the original disk is located, you can click on the disk.Recycle bin files to be deleted before the disk where the subject.


  5, click on the top of the "Tools" following "file has been deleted or formatted Recovery".


  6, select "restore accidentally deleted files only", click the Start.


  7, file search is completed, enter the name of the file to be restored.


  8, select the file you want to restore, right-click and select "copy to the specified folder", select the folder, click "OK".


  The important phone handset format image file format out, how recovery

  You can use file recovery tool to scan, and then resume.


  If you can not find the recycle bin recovery hard disk recovery tools

  Before recovery is best not to write data inside

  Once the cover can not be recovered

  This operation is completely removed without the Recycle Bin, as long as the data is not overwritten, or can be restored, download a data recovery software, then scan the partition, you can restore a file is found, it is recommended software easyrecovery.

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