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Win7 system does not recover accidentally deleted files how



  When the computer WIN7 system files accidentally deleted heart, in order to be able to get back what we lost file, it first needs to stop the loss of data on the disk read and write and scan, using a professional data recovery software to repair the file, the data "Hey format recovery master "for example, can recover files in accordance with the following:

  1, download and install the "Hi-formatted data recovery master," select the main interface in the "Quick Scan Recovery" mode to scan the missing disk data.


  2. Select the "original data file stored position" can be selected directly accidentally deleted data disk, and click below the "Start Scan" to automatically scan the disk data loss.


  3, after waiting for the end of the scan, you can also follow the file path, or file type in two forms, select the file we need to recover, and click below the "Restore" option to recover lost files.


  Win7 system how to find deleted files

  Step / methods


  During use, as one would accidentally deleted files, then you can use some data recovery software to recover data, recover accidentally deleted files, but the operation is too much trouble.In fact, Windows7 operating system can easily retrieve accidentally deleted files.

  Open System Protection

  Must first open Windows7 "System Protection" feature, move the mouse pointer to the desktop "computer" icon, right-click the shortcut menu, select "Properties" to open the "System" window, click the left navigation window "system protection" on the bar to bring up the "system properties" window, select a disk partition to be protected, click "configure

  "In the new pop-up window, select" Only restore previous versions of files ", and set the amount of disk space to use, click" OK "button to return to the" System Properties "window, then click the" Create "button to bring up the" Create Restore Point "small window, enter a description of the restore point, click" create ", Windows7 open the" system protection "feature and create a restore point.

  Open System Protection, Create a restore point

  Retrieve accidentally deleted files

  After opening Windows7 "System Protection" feature, create a restore point, if you accidentally deleted a file using the computer process, you can easily retrieve.Move the mouse pointer to the accidentally deleted file folder, right-click the shortcut menu, select "Properties" pop-up "Properties" window, switch to the "previous versions" tab, you can see the erroneous delete the previous folder, select the folder, click "open" button, you can open the folder to find accidentally deleted files, click "copy" button, you can copy the folder to any location on your local disk, click " also

  Original "button, you can restore folders, recover accidentally deleted files.

  Easily retrieve accidentally deleted files

  Open Windows7 "System Protection" function, without the aid of any third-party data recovery software can quickly recover accidentally deleted files, no longer careless accidentally deleted important files and distress.

  1.Boot the F8, entry mode, the system restore.

  2.Get in safe mode, boot press DEL (notebook press the F2 key) into the BIOS setup CD-ROM or U disk boot into WinPE (you need to have with WinPE CD-ROM or U disk boot disk, do not buy or own a).(Xyz5819

  Ideas temporal) into the PE, the use of backup and recovery system, or format, reinstall the operating system,

  File under win7 / 2113 number except how to recover, do not worry use 5261win7 since 4102 to bring the number of recovery under win7

  The following assumes a 1653 scene: the original e plate "test folder contains seven map, not skilled flick, deleted two,

  But also emptied the Recycle Bin.How to get back that another two figures?

  Xiao Yi is a look at how to do!

  First, find the e plate "test" folder, right-click the mouse,

  Select "Properties".

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  Open the "previous versions" tab, select the appropriate restore point (if there are multiple words), press the "Restore".

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  The system will pop up a confirmation window, click "Restore" to continue;

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  Finally, a successful restore, all the way click "OK"

  drop out.

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  If there are multiple items in the folder, and you want to restore one of them, you can do this:

  On the "Previous Versions" tab, after selecting the appropriate restore point, click "open";

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  Then select the desired file, right-click "Copy";

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  The data recovery

  win7 next file / data deletion how to restore (b)

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