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win7 system computer files emptied how restitution



  Left click on the desktop four-color flag, the search line program: regedit


  In the pop-up options to find the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, click.


  SOFTWARE find the drop-down folder, click.


  According to the method in order to open the folder: Microsoft - Windows - CurrentVersion - Explorer - DeskTop - NameSpace.

  Right-click the blank space to the right, the new - entry, a new entry.

  The new entry Rename: {645FFO40--5081--101B - 9F08--00AA002F954E} .You can copy paste,

  Click the new item, right-right side of the default, select Modify.

  Modify the default data to the Recycle Bin, click OK.Restart iwn7 system http: // / xitong / computer.

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