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win7 system computer can not recognize U disk partitions how to do



  1, in this alternative embodiment, the use of U-BOOTICE tools can be divided at any time where a partition is visible, though not visible at the same time, but also considered a solution;

  Partition or using software commonly used partition format FAT32 and NTFS can, to see which partition to use BOOTICE which partition to activate as shown below:



  2, this approach somewhat difficult, and generally up to two partitions, but the real advantage is that the system recognizes two disks, that''s right, is to use production tools to achieve the specific method a little trouble, first of all you have to first with chipgenius detect what your U disk control is such group together, then it is re-production searches for the latest group associated production tools within the site, according to its tutorials production into two removable disk on the line, but this way drawback is that production can lead to failure, then U disk does not recognize, this time had to open the U disk short way only way to repair, so if you do not know the amount of production do not toss, in fact, amount if you love to learn production is also difficult, production is also possible to additionally U-into a USB-CDROM disc simulate a normal manner + U disk partition, it is special, simulated partition disc loading system is mainly used to start the computer, but the computer identified also two partitions, only one read-only partition Bale.

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