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win7 system can not detect how do u disk



  ,Methods as below:

  Methods as below:

  1. Right-click the Computer ", then Select" ", click on" Device Manager "

  2, in the pop-up "Device Manager" window, click to expand "Universal Serial Bus Control".

  3, in the list of multiple "USB Root Hub" device appears, right-click each in turn "USB Root Hub", select "Disable" menu, then "Enable".

  By this method each "USB Root Hub" are enabled, the next time will not have problems does not recognize the U disk again.

  Motherboard drivers are not 2113?Take a look at the device manager, there are no exclamation mark 5261 or 4102 display.

  How loaded: If a brand such as Union 1653 think, HP will then usually random with a CD, you have all the computer hardware drivers above, found on the motherboard installed; if you assembled your computer, then find the motherboard CD of the band, install the driver; if off disk is lost, brand manufacturers of machine-printed service phone asked, assembly machines know how to open the box to find a look at the main disk model, down to drive home a go.Or you can download a driver wizard, or drive in life, it is said that they will automatically detect and download your hardware drivers installed, you can also back up the assumption that you will use, but he could find.

  Install the driver when I remember to control its own operating system installation models.

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