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Win7 system can not copy or delete a folder how to repair



  A mistake, should not the deletion of the file deletion?Just emptied the Recycle Bin?The first pain ah!There is no regret selling drugs?Oh, Win7 but have set up a system to protect yo.Just do the appropriate settings, still be able to recover files.

  Here is assumed a scene: the original disk E "test" folder in FIG. 7 there is no skilled flick, deleted the two, but also emptied trash.How to get back that another two figures?

  Xiao Yi is a look at how to do!

  First, find the E drive "test" folder, right-click, select "Properties".

  Open the "previous versions" tab, select the appropriate restore point (if there are multiple words), press the "Restore".

  The system will pop up a confirmation window, click "Restore" to continue;

  Finally, a successful restore, all the way click "OK" to exit.

  If there are multiple items in the folder, and you want to restore one of them, you can do this:

  On the "Previous Versions" tab, after selecting the appropriate restore point, click "open";

  Then select the desired file, right-click "Copy";

  Finally, in the right place target "Paste" to come out.

  Similarly, for other folders, and even the system tray, the above-described methods can be used to restore.

  I wonder if you noticed, restore critical success, is to create a restore point.

  If there are no restore points, also out of the question that all other.Create a restore point first step is to open the "System Protection".

  On the "Start" menu, right-click "Computer" and select "Properties".

  Select "System Protection" on the left side of the Control Panel Home.

  Subsequently, selective reduction target.In the protection settings box, select the drive you want to create a restore point (for example, where we choose the C drive), click "Configuration".

  Select the appropriate restore settings (if non-system disk, select "Only restore previous versions of files" button), disk space, and then followed by "Apply", "OK" to exit.

  Finally, to set up a restore point identifier.Press the "Create" box, enter a name to create a restore point, you can create time, may be another of your favorite content, Feel free to play it anyway.When finished, press the "Create".

  OK, restore point is successfully established.

  With a system restore point, it would be tantamount to your documentation to find a bodyguard, reassuring many.However, this is not a once and for all, you need to regularly update the restore point, when the future reduction will not be disappointed oh!

  Also note that the point is: if reduced to the previous version, modifications made to the file after the restore point will be lost.Therefore, if necessary, before the reduction should be prepared to save.

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