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win7 shortcuts you have in the Recycle Bin



  Open the Recycle Bin shortcut.

  Trash is a special folder identified in each partition the hard disk root directory RECYCLER folder, and is hidden.When a file is deleted and moved to the Recycle Bin, essentially I put it in this folder and still occupy disk space.

  Only delete it or empty the recycle bin in the recycle bin to make truly delete files for the computer to get more disk space.For the Recycle Bin, it is generally considered garbage station, not many things you can learn, in fact, make good use of the recycle bin still need to master some skills, may sometimes play an unexpected effect.


  Extended Information:

  The maximum capacity of the Recycle Bin for disk space by multiplying the percentage slider display, right-click the Recycle Bin icon, and then click "Properties", drag the slider to increase or decrease the percentage of disk space, you can change the capacity of the Recycle Bin.

  If you want to be configured differently for different disk, click the "stand-alone configuration drives", and then click the disk label needs to change settings.

  If you are using the same capacity settings, click on all disks "All drives use the same settings".

  win7 open back and no shortcuts to adopt flexible manner

  1, desktop, right-click on the Recycle Bin map Create Shortcut command;


  2, the system creates a shortcut to the desktop, right the shortcut, click Properties;


  3. Shortcut tab, click the shortcut key input block, pressing the key combination, and click OK, as shown below:


  4, press ctlr + alt + q opens trash.

  It is a system or process problems (virus package), you need to use some repair.

  The answer has been sent to the upper right of the window "My message" Please Use.Quite workable!

  Recycle Bin gone

  Right-click the desktop Properties ------- ------ ------ Desktop custom desktop, put the above column in the Recycle Bin tick, OK.

  If not, use the following method:

  method one

  Sometimes make some mistake may make the desktop Recycle Bin disappear if you do not change the registry or other more cumbersome method can use this to try your desktop create a new folder. Rename it to the Recycle Bin. Then refresh the look.Recycle Bin has appeared on the desktop, right?

  Method Two

  Method 1: Edit the registry so that the "Recycle Bin" icon reappears on the desktop:

  1. Click Start, then click Run".

  2. In the "Open" box, type regedit, and then click "OK".

  3. Locate the following registry key:

  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ Desktop \ NameSpace

  4. Right-click the registry key that you located in step 3, point to "New", then click the "item".

  5. Type, and then press ENTER.

  6. Click the new "" item that you created in step 5.

  7. In the right pane, right-click "(Default)" item.

  8. In the "Edit String" dialog box, type "Recycle Bin" in the Value data box, and then click "OK".

  9. Exit Registry Editor.

  "Recycle Bin" icon to re-appear on the Windows desktop.

  Method 2: Use Group Policy Object Editor to restore the Recycle Bin

  If the system administrator to use Group Policy to hide the Recycle Bin or "All Icons" on the desktop, you may have to contact the system administrator to restore the Recycle Bin icon.

  Note the following procedure applies only to Windows XP Professional.

  The system administrator can either use the Group Policy Object Editor (GPEDIT.msc) you can manually delete () registry information created by the Group Policy Object Editor, to the "Trash" icon to return to the desktop. ? Use the Group Policy Object Editor to restore the Recycle Bin: 1. Click Start, click Run, in the Open box, type GPEDIT.MSC, and then click OK.

  2. In the "User Configuration", click the "Administrative Templates", and then double-click the "Desktop".

  3. Double-click the "Remove Recycle Bin from the desktop".

  4. Click the "Settings" tab, click "Not Configured" and then click "OK".

  ? Use Registry Editor to restore the Recycle Bin: 1. Click Start, then click Run".

  2. In the "Open" box, type regedit, and then click "OK".

  3. Locate the following registry key:

  HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Policies \ NonEnum

  4. Click the registry key that you located in step 3, and then click the following registry DWORD value in the right pane:

  5. On the "Edit" menu, click "Delete" and then click "Yes".

  6. Exit Registry Editor.

  Restart, "Recycle Bin" icon on the desktop reappears.


  How to find the "Show Desktop" icon:

  Click the "Start → Run" in the pop-up "Run" dialog box, enter "REGSVR32 / n / i: u shell32" (without quotation marks), and then return, after a moment will pop up "shell32 in DllInstall success" dialogue box, "show Desktop" button to restore

  Method Three

  For Windows XP, the Recycle Bin icon on the desktop does not, you can get it back the following ways:

  method 1,

  Click Start → Run → type "regedit" (Do not type the quotes) → Enter to open the Registry Editor, and then expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ Desktop \ Namespace, right-click the "Namespace" item or front of the folder icon, the shortcut menu, select "New (N) → term (K)", and then rename the new item, "", click on the item, there is a window on the right side of the "default value "REG_SZ project, right click and select" modify ", set its value to" Recycle Bin ", close the registry editor determining the.Then right-click on the desktop and select "Refresh" button.

  For Windows 98, as long as the "Recycle Bin" to "Trash" can.

  Method 2,

  Click "Start → Run", type "Gpedit.msc "after the carriage return, open the" Group Policy ".Then expand "User Configuration → Administrative Templates → Desktop", double-click the right window "Remove Recycle Bin icon from the desktop" → pop-up "delete from the desktop Recycle Bin icon Properties" window → Select "Configuration" → page, select "disabled (D)" [here choose "not configured (C)" also] → "application (A)" → "OK" and then exit the "group policy" window to.If you do not show, restart the computer.

  vista system Recycle Bin did not point out how?

  Right-click on the desktop, personalized, left the edge of a "desktop icon to adjust, and then the Recycle Bin check mark to OK

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