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win7 shift delete recover deleted how



  First stop on the hard disk storage of any file accidentally deleted files after files.360 security guards inside there is a file recovery.If you do not go online and file recovery tool, be careful not to download the tray, and installation and do not install the disk.I hope I can help you.

  Click "began to run regedit (open registry)

  Expand: HEKEY - LOCAL - MACHIME / SOFTWARE / microsoft / WINDOWS / SPACE left in the blank "New", select: "primary key", named it "645FFO40--5081--101B - 9F08-- 00AA002F954E "

  Then the key "default" primary key of the right to "Recycle Bin", and then quit Registry.OK it.

  To restart your computer.As long as your machine is not running too Defrag.System intact.Any time of the file can get it back.

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