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win7 reinstall the system detects after less than u disk how to do



  Under heavy use driver genius usb drivers try, you can not directly change the system disk to reinstall the system automatically hardware drivers on the line, so that you can full automatic, fix the problem win7 system can not use the U disk.Or a hard disk with u these are possible, and the installation is very fast.But the key is: to have good compatibility (compatibility ide, achi, Raid installation mode) permanently and automatically activated, the machine can automatically install the system disk drive hardware sequence, which can be full automatic, reloading the system successfully.Methods as below:

  1, U disk installation: with ultraiso software, open the downloaded installation disk files (ISO files), execute "Write image file" U disk into your computer, click "OK" and wait for the program is finished, so u disk boot to do the work and installation of the systems, with this system do u disk boot after starting the machine, you can successfully reinstall the system;

  2, the hard disk installation: the premise is the need for a Windows operating system can properly extract the downloaded ISO file "*.GHO "and" Installing System.EXE "non-system partition to the computer, and then run the" Install System.EXE ", direct Enter to confirm the restore operation, make sure to perform automatic installation operation again.(Note that before performing backup C drive important data!);

  3, graphic version of Guide: There are aspects of this detailed graphic tutorials how to install the version you?Not additional.The system will be sentenced for the violation.

  Driver is not installed

  Try driving guru

  Under normal circumstances there is no driver installed, you can be transmitted when a computer to buy a CD-ROM drive installed, or the Internet to download a corresponding drive.

  Cause Analysis:

  1, are not equipped with USB drive;

  2, there may be a "USB


  Hub ";


  1, CD-ROM drive to install the motherboard USB drive, the driver CD into the drive, the computer will then automatically play, then click a button to install.

  2, enable the "USB


  Hub ", specifically as follows:

  1) Right-click "Computer" and select "Device Manager" option in the menu bar;

  2) In the "device manager" screen, locate the "Universal Serial Bus Controller";

  3) here will see "USB


  Hub "in a disabled state, right click" USB


  Hub "select" Enable "button;

  4) Once enabled, you can see the U disk in the Explorer interface.

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