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You really don't know! There are a few deep hidden tips in Win10



There are many practical tips hidden in Win10 which can make our work more labor-saving in many cases. For example the functions that I want to introduce to you below I'm sure there are some that you don't know.

1. Picture batch numbering

Most of the photos copied back from the digital camera will have very complicated file names which are neither good-looking nor easy to manage. In fact Win10 has built-in a batch rename function just select the picture to be encoded right-click to rename and then rename one of the files to the name (X) (numbers in parentheses such as 12 3……). After pressing Enter the system will add a different number to each picture according to this rule.

Picture batch numbering

2. Automatically display the record time of the note

Many people like to use the notepad to note but they lack the record of the modification time. Sometimes it seems inconvenient. In fact you can write a code of .LOG at the beginning of the notepad (note that LOG must be capitalized) and then add various contents according to usual habits. When you open it again you will find a string of numbers at the end of the notepad which is actually your last saved time. The most powerful thing is that after this setting Win10 will automatically record the last save time every time you save it and you can clearly see the editing process of the entire document.

Automatically show memo time

3. Direct login without password

Win10 uses Live account login by default but even if you use a local account And go through a password verification process before entering the system. If we don't need it or the computer is used alone at home can this process be omitted? The answer is yes. First click the Cortana search box on the right side of the start button enter the string netplwiz and press Enter. Then click on your account to cancel the use of this computer. The user must enter the user name and the check box in front of the password. After confirming Win10 will ask you to enter the password for verification. After confirming again the computer will have no annoying login interface.

Password direct login

4. One-click recovery of accidentally closed webpages

With the popularity of multi-page browsers we often There are a lot of webpage windows open on the desktop but when you think these pages are too LOW and you want to close them CUT CUT CUT... Damn just inadvertently close the page you originally needed. In fact Win10 has already built a very useful shortcut key Ctrl+Shift+T for us. When you find that the useful webpage was closed by mistake by yourself all you have to do is move your finger to these three On the button you can be a quiet beautiful man again in an instant. The most important thing is that this little trick is almost universal in Win10 except for IE Edge Chrome Firefox and 360.

One-click recovery by mistakenly closing the webpage

5. Quick screenshots are not a dream

Many people have been worried about screenshots in most cases We all install a screenshot software or use the old-fashioned Prt Scr key and then paste it into the drawing and export it as a picture format. Okay it's time for the old driver to teach everyone a trick this is Alt+Prt Scr yes! It is an Alt key more than your previous operation. This set of shortcut keys can directly export the screen into a picture no matter how troublesome it is it can be done with one click.

Alt+Prt Scr one-click screen capture artifact

written at the end

The above are some quick-use tips for Win10. Obviously they all It is universal and can be copied almost in Win7 Win8 Win8.1 Win10. Well if you have any good ideas you can also send them to share with us just like the ones you like!

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