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Yixin Win10 UWP version released interface redesign



  The New Year is approaching and the application market is gradually becoming lively. Recently the mobile social software Yixin has been launched first to meet the holiday social needs of more WP users UWP version the new version redesigned the user interface and the functional gap with the PC version is further reduced to achieve a version of the consistency of the multi-terminal use experience.

  What is UWP? UWP Universal Windows Platform in short is the universal version of the Windows platform suitable for Win8/Win10 PC tablet and Win10 mobile phone platforms which is what we commonly call the universal version.

Yixin UWP version brings a brand-new UWP architecture novel visual design cool conversation and Moments module optimization. On the Win10 PC side the design and functions of Yixin UWP Universal Edition are consistent with the Windows version. After logging in to Yixin with a Win10 PC or tablet users can enjoy online conversations add friends send text messages browse Moments free calls and video calls.


Yixin UWP version

Yixin UWP version update Content:

  UWP architecture perfectly matches Windows 10 Mobile tablet desktop (PC);

Cool login page new visual experience full of trendy feeling free communication instantly enjoy;

  Fixed the bug the minor issues that appeared in version 8.1 have been resolved;

has optimized the performance and the dialogue and circle of friends have been greatly improved.

?How to register an account at Yixin

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