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XP system users cannot access the solution of shared resources on win10 computers



Although Microsoft has released the official version of win10 many users still cannot give up the XP system for some reasons. However recently an XP system user reported that he wanted to access shared resources on a Windows 10 computer through a LAN but encountered a problem that he could not access it normally. What's the matter? Below let's take a look at the specific solution to this problem with the editor.

The details are as follows:

1. On the Windows 10 system desktop right-click the start button and select the 'Run' dialog box in the pop-up menu;

2. In the open running window enter the command gpedit.msc and then click the OK button;

3. In the opened local group policy editor window expand in order: Computer Configuration/Windows Settings/Security Settings Collapse Menu;

4 continue Click \u0026ldquo;Local Policy/Security Options\u0026rdquo;folded menu;

5. At this time find \u0026ldquo;Network Access: Local Account Sharing and security model\u0026rdquo;one item;

6. Double-click the item and open its properties window click the drop-down menu here and select \u0026ldquo;Guest only To authenticate the local user whose identity is the guest\u0026rdquo;menu item;

7. Also in the security options window find the\u0026ldquo;account : Guest account status\u0026rdquo;one item;

8. Double-click the item to open its properties window select the \u0026ldquo;enabled\u0026rdquo; menu item and click OK button;

9 and then click \u0026ldquo;Computer Configuration/Windows Settings/Security Settings/Local Policies/User Rights Assignment\u0026rdquo; to collapse the menu In the right window find the 'Access this computer from the network' policy;

10. Double-click the policy to open its properties window and then click on the \u0026ldquo ;Add user or group\u0026rdquo; button;

11. Enter the user name guest in the open select user or group window and then click on the right side\u0026ldquo ;Check the name\u0026rdquo; you can automatically fill in all its paths and finally click the OK button;

12. After returning to the above properties window you can see The Guest user name has been added to the user group;

13 in the user authority assignment Under the menu you can find the 'Reject access to this computer from the network' policy;

14. After double-clicking the policy you can open its properties window. Select the 'Guest' user name at the top and then click the delete button to delete the user name. After restarting the computer in this way the XP system can access the Windows 10 system.

Through the simple operation of the above few steps we can solve the problem that xp cannot access shared resources on win10 computers. There are a lot of steps so please be careful not to miss them during the operation.

The above is the whole content of this article I hope it will be helpful to everyone's study and I hope everyone will support the script house.

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