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Xiaomi's Win10 flashing package is about to be publicly tested



  New things are always looking forward to and Mi's Win10 flashing package is finally going to be tested. News on November 18: At the Microsoft Windows 10 conference at the beginning of this year Xiaomi appeared on the stage as a partner and Microsoft also said that it would launch the Win10 Mobile flash package for Xiaomi 4.

It's been almost a year now and Microsoft's flashing package is finally a bit eye-catching. The Weibo certification information is TheRenaissanceMan director of Microsoft (China) Operating System Engineering Institute and Director of Software Engineering posted a photo on his Weibo which is a screenshot of Xiaomi Mi 4 with Win10.


  Win10 Xiaomi public test

TheRenaissanceMan said Win10 Xiaomi The public beta is not far away and it should come around Thanksgiving. He also said that Microsoft's pace does not keep up with China's speed. The original Microsoft Insider update cycle was three months but it has been shortened to two or three weeks but it still feels slow.

  The current version of Windows 10 Molie is Build 10581. If nothing else it should be the RTM version which means that the official version of Windows 10 Molie is likely to be launched next month.

Microsoft once said that Windows 10 Molie must be launched this year and this time is really tight.

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