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WP8.1 rides on the Win10 system and Microsoft’s new milestone is coming



The ultimate moment for Microsoft to usher in after two years of WP8.1’s launch Win10’s long internal beta and two consecutive bounces is today. In the early hours of the morning Microsoft began to launch Windows 10 Mobile operating system for Windows Phone 8.1 devices.

The first batch of approved upgrade models includes 18 models regardless of operator they are Lumia 1520 Lumia 930 Lumia 640 Lumia 640XL Lumia 730 Lumia 735 Lumia 830 Lumia 532 Lumia 535 Lumia 540 Lumia 635 1GB Lumia 636 1GB Lumia 638 1GB Lumia 430 Lumia 435 BLU Win HD w510u BLU Win HD LTE x150q MCJ Madosma Q501.

A number of models equipped with Windows 10 Mobile system have been shipped before such as Lumia 950 Xiaomi 4 and Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL and so on but Microsoft is launching this system for existing Windows Phone devices this time and the upgraded system version is Build 10586.164.

Microsoft also launched the UpdateAdvisor (Upgrade Advisor) software which can help check if there is an update available for your phone and free up space to start the update.

?Vulnerabilities in WP8.1 system may be exploited by hackers to achieve jailbreak

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