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Window10 high memory usage solution



  window10memory high usage solution. Let me introduce the solution to the high memory usage of window10. I hope it helps you

  Method 1

  1 Turn off homegroup

  Homegroup is one of the important reasons for occupying the hard disk. Some netizens reported that after closing the family group the hard disk occupancy rate dropped from 90% to about 10% which is not sensational. After the homegroup is turned on the system will continue to use the hard disk to copy file sharing resulting in a hard disk occupancy rate of over 90% affecting the system speed.

  1 Control Panel-Management Tools-Services

  22 find the \u0026ldquo;HomeGroupListener\u0026rdquo; service double-click to open or right-click \u0026ldquo;Properties\u0026rdquo; command.

  33. In the pop-up properties interface window click the drop-down box of the startup type in the General tab and select the list to choose \u0026ldquo;banFive-character screen name [] is used\u0026rdquo;. Then click the \u0026ldquo;Stop\u0026rdquo; button under the service status and click the \u0026ldquo;OK\u0026rdquo; button to save the settings after modification.

Similarly the same approach is adopted for the HomeGroupProvider service.


  Method 2

  1 Close the automatic maintenance plan task

The automatic maintenance function is running The download will occupy a relatively high hard disk occupancy CPU occupancy so that the configuration of the low-end computer becomes abnormally slow and even unresponsive and crashes. However we can optimize the hard disk with the help of third-party optimization software. It is recommended to optimize once every one or two months.

  1. Open path: C:WindowsSystem32TasksMicrosoftWindows

  2 rename the folder 'Defrag' to 'Defrag.bak'

?How to set virtual memory as non-system disk in window10 system

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