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Win8.1 upgrade Win10 system error message '0x80070005 0xA001




  Method 1 : Log in as an administrator

  Some updates require administrative privileges to install. Logging in as an administrator may help you solve this problem.

  After you log in as an administrator Please try to install this update again.

  Method 2: Scan for malware

  Malware infection may also cause this error. It is recommended that you keep holding down the left shift key and then click Power restart troubleshooting-advanced options-startup settings-restart select 4 or F to enter safe mode first uninstall the third-party optimization software you downloaded and installed in safe mode and then use Windows Defender to scan To detect and delete any detected malware. After the scan is complete delete all detected malware entries then restart back to normal mode and try to install 'Windows Update' again.

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