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Win8.1 upgrade win10 error 0x80070002 solution



In the process of upgrading the official version of Win10 some Win8.1 users encountered 0x80070002 error during installation and restart. After this error the upgrade will fail and automatically Go back to Windows 8.1 system.
  One of the reasons for this problem may be that other drives have been added. According to an industry insider in the Microsoft community if your computer has used an HDD mechanical hard drive as the main hard drive and later added and enabled a second hard drive such as an SSD solid state hard drive as the main hard drive it may cause Win10 installation The program does not recognize the current partition information well causing the installation to fail.
  The solution is actually not difficult. The easiest way is to re-partition and format the main hard drive after backing up the useful information of the primary hard drive to avoid residual boot information disturbing the Win10 installation program. Or remove the non-boot hard disk before installing the system and then connect the installation after installation to solve the problem.
Another reason is the interference of non-Microsoft services. The solution is to prevent all non-Microsoft services from starting. You can enter MSConfig in 'Run' and press Enter and enter 'System Configuration' and then find 'Services'. After clicking 'Hide all Microsoft services' in the lower left corner disable all existing services. Then restart the computer and try to run the installer again.
?What to do if the upgrade of Win8.1 fails

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