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Win8 system! How to downgrade IE11 to IE10 browser?



  Win8 system IE11Browser downgraded to IE10 setting method:

  1. First find the 'Control Panel' from the start menu in the lower left corner of Win8. \u0026rdquo;Then click to enter;

  2 after entering the control panel we then choose to click to enter the\u0026ldquo;Windows Update\u0026rdquo;setting options;

  3. After entering the Windows Update settings we then choose to enter \u0026ldquo;view historical update records\u0026rdquo;;

  4 and then click to enter\u0026ldquo; view installed Update\u0026rdquo; then you can find the update item of IE11 browser find \u0026ldquo;Internet ExpMud movie Net []lore 11\u0026rdquo; project and select it and then click Uninstall at the top then you can automatically downgrade IE11 to IE10 browser version;

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  5. After the uninstallation is complete we will be prompted to restart the computer to take effect. Click 'Restart now'. After restarting the computer the IE11 browser will be successfully downgraded to IE10;

The above is an introduction to the setting method of downgrading the IE11 browser of the win8 system to IE10. Win8 users will encounter some compatibility problems when upgrading the IE11 browser. If you have already upgraded to IE11 If you find it difficult to use you can downgrade IE11 to the original IE10 according to the steps described above.

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