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Win8 download Win10 dual system Win8.1 and Win10 dual system installation tutorial



In the front we will bring you the U disk installation Win10 and Win8/8.1 upgrade installation Win10 system tutorial the first two installation methods are single System but because there are still many software compatibility issues in the WIn10 preview version it is not recommended that you directly upgrade or reinstall the Win10 system. It is recommended that you install Win8.1 and Win10 dual systems you can experience Win10 without affecting The original Win8/8.1 system is used. Not much nonsense the following is a tutorial on installing Win10 dual system under Win8/8.1.

Win8 download Win10 dual system Win8.1 and Win10 dual system installation tutorial

1. Preparations

a) Create one for Win10 New installation partition

First of all we need to prepare a clean disk partition for the next Win10 preview version installation. Here I teach you how to create a new partition directly in the Win8/8.1 system. The specific method as follows.

First after entering the Win8.1 computer management we then click 'disk management rdquo; then we need to find a partition with larger remaining space right-click on it and click In the pop-up menu select ldquo;compress volume rdquo; as shown in the following interface diagram.

Disk Compressed Volume

2. In the pop-up Compressed Volume dialog box we need to enter the size of the compressed space. Since the author chose the F drive with a capacity of 300G it has already used 20GB and the remaining 280GB capacity is available. Because it is used to install Win10 system and Win10 installation disk Win10 system disk space is generally recommended to reserve more than 30GB (Original tutorial on PC841.COM). Here the editor allocates 60GB which is 60*1024M= 61440 (M) after entering this capacity click on 'compress rdquo;' at the bottom as shown in the figure below.

3. At this time this new partition is not yet available. Here we need to create a new simple partition. The method of operation is to right-click on this new partition and then select ldquo;New Simple Volume rdquo; as shown in the figure below:

The last step is to complete the next step and you are done After Win8.1 creates a new partition we enter my computer and we will see a new hard disk partition which will be used as the Win10 system installation disk as shown in the figure below.

If you don’t understand the above steps please enter the detailed tutorial to read: 'Win8. 1How to partition Win8.1 new disk partition tutorial'.

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