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Win7 Win8.1 part of the update will not be able to download manually May 10 execution



Microsoft recently announced on the TechNet blog that from May 10 manual download of certain Windows updates will no longer be provided. According to Microsoft's arrangement there are Win7/Win8.1 systems that can be manually downloaded and installed in the current operating systems so in the future some updates of these two systems will not be available through manual download.

Manually downloaded updates are usually provided in the Microsoft Download Center. This setting is convenient for users who fail to install patches through Windows Update And after years of verification many automatic installation and update failures can be solved by manual download and installation. Microsoft did not explain the reasons for this change but corporate users may not be affected because many updates require unified deployment by administrators; only ordinary individual users who rely solely on Windows updates may have an impact.

Microsoft pointed out in the blog that the security bulletin will continue to provide update links directly but will point to the Microsoft update catalog instead of the previous Microsoft Download Center. Users who use the tool link to the Microsoft Download Center should follow the link in the security bulletin or directly search for the required patch in the Microsoft update catalog.

Win10 users are not affected by this change because Windows 10 updates are carried out in a cumulative update mode and there is no option to manually install updates. Although many times the update installation experience is not smooth generally subsequent updates will make up for the previous problems. Users who encounter problems can wait patiently for the next repair. Microsoft is constantly improving the update installation experience. After the official version of Win10's first anniversary update is released this experience may be more perfect.

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