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Win7 upgrade with confidence: Win10 preview version 9901 fixes the problem of lost hard disk



Win10 preview version 9901 was exposed on foreign MDL forums yesterday and IT House also brought the download address of Win10 Build 9901 version for the first time. According to Microsoft's statement that it will not push the new version of Win10 preview before 2015 this Win10 preview 9901 should be an internal version under development.

It is worth mentioning that the leaked Win10 preview version 9901 English version is a UEFI locked version which cannot be installed under traditional BIOS boot. You need to switch to EFI mode. Install normally. In addition since this version is in English it needs to be set to China in the regional and language settings after installation to display Chinese normally. In addition during the installation of this version you must enter the 'NKJFK-GPHP7-G8C3J-P6JXR-HQRJR' serial number and cannot be skipped.

In addition the hard disk loss and hard disk unrecognition problems that occurred after the previous installation of Win10 Preview 9879 has also been fixed. The Win10 preview version 9901 no longer opens the PUIS (Power-up in standby) mode of the hard disk every time it starts so the hard disk can also normally respond to power/hardware/operating system startup requests. You can safely install Win10 Preview 9901. Even if you lose your hard drive you don’t have to worry about it. IT House has previously prepared corresponding solutions for you. For details please refer to 'Win10 Preview 9879 Hard Drive Lost Linux Solution'.

Win10 preview version 9901 reveals a lot of new moves by Microsoft especially the speed of multi-platform unification. The desktop version of Cortana has finally arrived and Windows Phone applications such as Lumia professional shooting have also begun to appear on the desktop system. In addition the adjustment of the interface UI also makes Win10 better run on the desktop tablet and even mobile phones at the same time in.

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