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Win10 update error 8024000b how to solve win10 update error 802400



In the recent update of Win10 system many friends found that an error message always pops up during the update process then you encounter update error 8024000b What should we do in this situation? Everyone is welcome to come and watch my experience.

1: First please press the Windows logo key + R key on the Win10 system desktop to open the Windows Run menu program window.

2: After opening the run menu window enter the following command please copy the following information directly:

Cmd /c ren %systemroot%\\System32 \\Spupdsvc.exe Spupdsvc.old

3: After entering the command in the running program window click the OK button and then the program will execute the command we entered. After the program is executed click Win10 In the start menu of the system click the 'Settings' button in the start menu to open the Win10 system settings page.

4: In the Win10 system settings page we click on the 'Update and Security' menu option on the page to open the Windows Update page.

5; On the Windows Update page click the 'Find Update' button. If there are updates available in the current system we can download the update package again to update the system.

The above is the method brought by the editor to solve the win10 update error 8024000b. For more tutorials please follow our official website.

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