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Win10 update 1511 (TH2 official version) version of the blue screen solution



Microsoft officially updated the win10 1511 version recently which is what we call the win10 TH2 official version. After the update some users The system has a blue screen problem. The error encountered by the user is obviously not a hardware failure so we need to find and solve the problem in the win10 system. Let's take a look at the solution provided by the editor. !


  1. Right-click this computer on the desktop select Properties and select Advanced System Settings on the left.

  2. Click Settings in Startup and Recovery and remove the check box in front of Automatic restart. And in the drop-down menu of system failure select small memory dump and press OK.

  3. When you encounter the blue screen problem again please record the error code in the blue screen message and open the C:\\WINDOWS\\Minidump folder to collect several of the newer .dmp file.

Through the method described on the nine-character screen name [] users can solve win10 update 1511 When I encounter a blue screen error problem of course I want to know what my win10 blue screen code is. We can extract the blue screen code from the .dmp file to better solve the blue screen problem!

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?How to fix Windows 10 update 1511 failure and repeated blue screen

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