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Win10 tutorial: create a recycle bin that can be emptied automatically



How to create a recycle bin that can be emptied automatically in Win10? The role of the recycle bin is to prevent users from crying after deleting files by mistake which is a regret medicine. Since the recycle bin has existed for so many years and taking the desktop as an example Microsoft later did not even appear on my computer (aka computer this computer this computer...) by default but the recycle bin is still there which means this thing It's still very useful. So is there any compromise that can prevent the recycle bin from being filled with rubbish and can play the role of regret medicine? Let’s take a look at the tutorial on how to create an automatically emptied recycle bin in Win10 with the editor of Pepsi.

Of course there is will introduce A way to allow the recycle bin to be emptied automatically at regular intervals. In this way in case a user deletes something by mistake it can be easily retrieved within a certain period of time. The specific method is as follows:

1. Automatically clear after booting

This method is to let you have a chance to regret before shutting down. The automatic emptying of the recycle bin will be loaded as a startup item.

1. Enter the startup folder which can be executed during operation:


2 in the folder Create a shortcut in enter the following in the object location and click Next to continue:

cmd.exe /c echo Y|PowerShell.exe -NoProfile -Command Clear-RecycleBin

3. Name the shortcut which can be customized as shown below

4. At this time you can change the icon for the shortcut right-click the shortcut Method select properties click the change icon under the shortcut tab as shown in the figure below

5. Click Browse above select the system disk Windowssystem32shell32.dll and then you can see For many system icons you can choose the recycle bin icon (the one with empty or the paper depends on your preference) or you can choose other ones as shown in the figure below

At this time you are new A startup item has been added and it will be forced to empty the recycle bin every time it is turned on. If you don't need such obsessive-compulsive disorder in the system you can delete this startup item. If you forget the above position you can directly use the optimization master of SoftMedia Cube to clear the startup items.

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