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Win10 trick: let the file explorer title bar display the process ID



The existing Win32 version of the file explorer is already a battlefield even if Microsoft intends to launch the UWP version of the explorer in Win10 RS2 it may It will be difficult to shake the position of the veteran for a while. For the old users of IT House the classic version of Explorer is already familiar but when you encounter multiple windows open if you encounter problems such as a window unresponsive it may be difficult to distinguish in the task manager . Fortunately Microsoft actually provides a way to distinguish but it will not be turned on by default.

This method is to use the process ID (PID) to distinguish. PID can be viewed in the detailed information tab of the task manager as long as the PID display function of the file explorer is turned on in the registry it can be easily viewed. The method is not difficult as follows:

1. Enter regedit in the Cortana task bar and press Enter to enter the registry editor

2. Navigate to


3. Create a new DWORD (32-bit) value and name it ShowPidInTitle as shown in the figure below

4. Double-click to enter and set the value data to 1 as follows Figure

5. Restart the file explorer as shown below

Check again at this time You can see the PID identification in the title bar of the file explorer. It should be noted that the PIDs of multiple windows opened in the same way may be the same. For example if they are all opened by clicking the fixed resource manager icon in the taskbar there is no difference in the PID of the title bar but the window opened when viewing the location of the software installation package (As shown above) the PID will be different from the icon on the taskbar. Therefore PID can distinguish the source of window opening.

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