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Win10 Tips: Use the 'Photo' application to edit videos and add special effects



Win10 has a lot of useful applications built in you can not only use the Win key + G to quickly record the computer screen such as software operations game interfaces etc. You can also use the photo application to quickly edit the video to remove the redundant content before and after the recording. At the same time you can also add slow motion to the wonderful moments in the game to make your video look more professional. So how do you do it? Here's a detailed explanation for everyone:

Win10 Photo App to quickly edit videos

1. Find the video you need to edit then right-click to find the photo in the open mode and select;


2 the video will automatically play after opening we can enter the editing mode by selecting the clip in the upper function bar;

3. Drag the blue circle (marked 1) to preview the video in real time and drag the white circles on both sides (marked 2 3) to choose the beginning and end of the movie;

4. After selecting the part you want click Save As at the top right (or directly use the shortcut key Ctrl+S) to complete the editing process.

Win10 photo application slow motion kinetic energy usage method

1. According to the above method 1 load the video file to be edited into the photo application click In the upper right corner and choose to create slow motion video;

2 after entering the create slow motion video editing interface you can adjust the slow motion level at the top of the middle as shown below When it is placed in the middle it is the slower level the left is the normal speed and the right is the slowest. When it is slower we set the slow motion playback video range by adjusting the two blue circles above the progress bar and the middle The solid white circle is the video editing function. The method of use is the same as above. The open circle below can quickly adjust the start position of the preview playback;

When the slowest is selected the progress bar is It will look like the picture below. At this time you can't choose the range of slow motion. This is more suitable to make the hit moment of some shooting games. It is still very good. Other functions are the same as above.

In fact many of the built-in applications of Win10 also have good functions and they are all free. It saves the trouble of finding third-party software and taps the potential of Win10’s built-in applications. Maybe you will get a lot of surprises.

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