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Win10 Tips: New ways to organize Win10 desktop icons



As a new generation operating system strongly promoted by Microsoft Windows10 finally topped the rankings of operating system share in many countries not long ago. It can be said that Windows 10 system has become the most indispensable operating tool for people's work and life.

However facing the unchanged desktop arrangement on the first floor of Windows 10 as the author of Virgo I look very anxious. Especially when all kinds of non-system icons are also arranged in disorder on the desktop they are extremely uncoordinated and there is almost no aesthetic decoration the author can't restrain the great power in the body. No matter how busy you are take some time to adjust and organize. Below I will introduce you to several new ways to play on the Windows 10 system desktop and see how I play with the Windows desktop icons.

Adjust the icon size at will

For the author limited by the unwieldy eyes and the objective reality of numerous files it is often necessary to adjust the size of the desktop icon. However friends who are familiar with the Windows 10 system know that there are only three options to adjust the desktop icon size under the win system namely large icon medium icon and small icon. In addition to fewer options you have to counter-click the mouse every time you want to adjust the size. And then select in the viewing options the efficiency is extremely low and real-time switching cannot be achieved the effect is not obvious.

So is there a quick and real-time feedback method to switch the size of desktop icons arbitrarily? The answer is yes. They use the shortcut keys Ctrl+Alt+number keys.

Ctrl+Alt+number keys the larger the number key the smaller the desktop icon; the smaller the number key the larger the desktop icon and they are in an inverse correlation.



Ctrl+Alt+3< /p>



You can feel the change in the size of the desktop icons. It is worth noting that before using the shortcut keys you must first select the desktop and then perform the shortcut operations otherwise it will have no effect.

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