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Win10 Tips: Let the computer accurately display the photos taken by iPhone7



How does the computer correctly display the photos taken by iPhone7? The photo color gamut used by Apple iPhone7/iPhone7 Plus is the DCI-P3 standard which is wider than the sRGB color gamut currently adopted by all Windows systems including Win10 by default. Therefore after we saw the photos of iPhone 7 on Windows 10 computers the effect was not very good and the saturation was not enough. In layman's terms the colors were light or dark because the computer did not know how to express the colors that could not be displayed.

But it’s not difficult. Just install the DCI-P3 configuration file and tell the computer how to display this color gamut. It should be noted that the default 'Photo' application of Win10 cannot support DCI-P3 and it is useless to install the configuration file so if you have not installed other professional image viewing software please go back to the previous 'Windows Photo Viewer'. s Choice. However this software can no longer be found in the start menu and Cortana will not search it for you so the editor of wants to talk about how to summon it in the opening mode when opening iPhone7 photos.

The specific method is as follows:

1. Directly open the DCI-P3 configuration file downloaded at the end of the article (double-click once or right-click to select the installation configuration file) the process will not If any window pops up don’t worry about it go to the next step directly after the operation as shown in the figure below

2 enter the control panel→color management→all configuration files you should be able to find it at this time Display P3 indicating successful installation as shown below

3. Enter regedit in the Cortana search bar and press Enter to enter the registry editor


4. Navigate to


5. Find the .jpg item on the right side (if not create a new string value with the name .jpg) numeric data Change to PhotoViewer.FileAssoc.Tiff as shown below

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