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Win10 tips: How to turn on the hidden lock screen time setting item?



Users who are familiar with Win10 may know that this system is a joint evolution of Win7 and Win8.1 so it inherits many of the characteristics of both no matter from interface design or function settings there are two The shadow of the payment system. Therefore certain system settings are universal.

Although Microsoft completely castrated a part of the once-available setting interface in Windows 10 some of them were hidden and the hidden content can still be retrieved. For example since the advent of Win8 Microsoft has added a lock screen before the login interface in order to integrate with mobile devices. The lock screen display has a time limit. For example the default setting is one minute. After one minute the screen automatically enters the standby state which is to save power. Maybe you want to keep the lock screen for a while. After all the lock screen of Win10 is still pretty especially after using the Windows focus lock screen wallpaper.

It is not difficult to extend the display time of the Win10 lock screen just continue to use the method in the Windows 8/Windows 8.1 period. The specific steps are as follows:

1. After entering regedit in the Cortana search bar press Enter to enter the registry editor

2. Navigate to

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlPowerPowerSettings7516b95f- f776-4464-8c53-06167f40cc998EC4B3A5-6868-48c2-BE75-4F3044BE88A7

3. Find Attributes on the right double-click to modify the value data to 2

4. Enter the power options of the control panel and change the advanced power settings in the current power plan

▲Picture description: before modification (left) and after modification (right)

5. Expand the display and you will find a new console lock display close timeout item. Modifying this item will modify the lock screen display time. The default is the shortest one minute. You can enter a larger integer to extend it The lock screen display time but if you set it to 0 it means that the display will not be turned off. It is best not to use this setting for laptops and tablets.

There is another point to note the lock screen display time is the longest It is better than the above to turn off the display after this time otherwise the display will still turn off the display after the set time of the item reaches. For example by default the display will be turned off if there is no operation for 15 minutes and you set the screen to be black after 20 minutes but the system will follow the setting of turning off the display and the screen will be black after 15 minutes.

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